ePN TV: Liz Morris Discusses Seasonal Promotions, Dads & Grads and the ePN Offers Newsletter

Liz565 We’re excited to welcome back Liz Morris to ePN TV! In this episode, Liz shares what the Program Optimization Team have been doing to deliver the latest eBay deals, sales and events to publishers.

Liz mentions that ePN bonus promotions often require publishers to opt-in before participating, which helps us provide more compensation to partners who make dedicated efforts to optimize to specific promotions.

As far as upcoming promotions go, publishers can keep an eye out for a Dads and Grads event later this month and our latest Deal Frenzy promotion - which features items across all categories at up to 70 percent off!

Liz wraps up by reminding publishers to make sure that they have opted in to receive promotional messages, which includes access to our biweekly ePN offers newsletter and information about other upcoming opportunities to share with your visitors.

Thanks for watching, and let us know if you have any questions regarding ePN promotions in the comments below.