ePN TV: Olivier Ropars and Brian Marcus Discuss Mobile Opportunity at eBay

Olivier565 In our latest installment of ePN TV, Brian Marcus, Director of eBay Partner Network, delves into mobile with Olivier Ropars, Senior Director of Global Internet Marketing at eBay.

Olivier has an extensive background in mobile at eBay, and he discusses how the company has really focused on mobile innovations over the past six years, propelling eBay to become a leader in mobile commerce. In fact, in 2013, eBay generated $20 billion in mobile transactions.

Olivier says mobile is so important because it has completely changed the way people shop online, providing more opportunities for the ecommerce industry, including affiliate marketers. He stresses the importance of embracing mobile technology and mobile users in order to reach all relevant customers.

As far as where our partners are now when it comes to mobile, Olivier says that he has observed a gap from those who are just getting started to those who are far ahead of the curve, similar to what is seen in the retail industry.

Lastly, Olivier provides two pieces of advice for ePN publishers who want to dive into mobile. He says that a mobile optimized website is a must, and 57 percent of publishers responding to our recent mobile survey said they do have a mobile focused site. The second piece of advice Olivier imparts is to remember mobile-optimized emails and landing pages as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

What are you doing to further your mobile efforts? We welcome any feedback and questions you have for Olivier in the comments below. Thanks for watching!