Movies Spur Comics and Collectibles Memorabilia Interest

epn website May is the jumping off point for summer blockbusters, with a number of highly anticipated films already released and more soon to come. We’ve noticed one movie trend that has also reflected itself in associated items for sale on eBay – comics and collectibles are hot, hot, hot!

The chatter around these films provides a great opportunity for you to draw in visitors who are interested in comics and collectibles. With the focus on the following remakes and sequels, now is the time to capture the attention of new and long-time collectors as you drive them to eBay to fuel their fandom.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the Marvel Comics sequel to the 2012 film, was released at the beginning of the month. Your visitors may want to hone their Spidey senses with collectible comic books and trading cards or playful action figures and toys.

The animated Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is loosely based on the classic story of the girl with the ruby slippers, and was released May 9. Decorative collectibles, whimsical takes on land of Oz fashion and assorted movie memorabilia can help collectors feel like they’re walking down the yellow brick road.

Godzilla, a contemporary reimagining of the 1954 classic, took over theaters on May 16. Your visitors may want to reimagine the film for themselves with their very own collectible monster figures, comic books or previous film versions.

X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest in the Marvel Comics series, stormed into theaters on May 23. Collectors and fans can find an abundance of comic books, video games and even quite a few unique items in the Motors Parts and Accessories category.

Finally, Maleficent, the fantasy adventure film starring Angelina Jolie as the eponymous villainess from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, will captivate filmgoers beginning May 30. eBay is a long-recognized source for Disney collectibles, including those specific to Sleeping Beauty and even the notorious Maleficent herself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in on the theatrical action by promoting associated items in the categories that are relevant to your site’s visitors!