What’s Hot in August?

SummrBeach To help guide your optimization strategy, we’ve done some digging to see what the most popular categories were in August 2013. If you’re looking for a way to boost your earnings this month, try focusing on the following categories that are projected to see some late-summer loving.

Make a Splash

As the season cruises on, boaters are seeking a deal on next season’s upgrade. Last year, sales of boats peaked in July and remained strong throughout the month of August. Likewise, water sport items from canoes to water skis hit their stride at the end of summer, with strong August sales. For those who like to keep their adventures on dry land, motorcycle sales also tend to peak within the Motors category in August.


Boats – GMV over time


Water Sports – GMV over time

Knowledge is Power

While it may be sad for some, it’s also inevitable: August means back-to-school for students, teachers and parents. That’s why it’s no surprise that books spike in August, both on our wide selection of texts on Half as well as non-fiction titles and educational textbooks for savvy university-bound students. It turns out that parents are also making sure their budding scholars are likewise smartly dressed, with children’s clothing, shoes and accessories seeing an uptick in August.


Educational Textbooks – GMV over time

Tracking and promoting seasonally popular categories and items are a great way to drive visitors to eBay. We’ll continue to highlight our data-driven predictions in upcoming blog posts. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions!