ePN TV: John Toskey Talks Recent Highlights and Priorities for 2015


In this episode of ePN TV, John Toskey talks with host Tien Huang about recent initiatives to help improve partner successes, as well as what the team will be focusing on in upcoming months. John first mentions that partners have been using Twitter and Facebook to drive affiliate traffic, discovering that social media is a great way to attract a younger demographic. He says reaching this first-time buyer audience has helped partners increase earnings as they attain the new and reactivated buyer bonus.

Another way ePN has been helping partners drive traffic is by sending emails with information on targeted, niche eBay sales events to publishers who tend to drive traffic in these specific categories. To take this one step further, we recently launched the Promotions and Sales Portal to help partners easily find and share the most relevant eBay deals and events.

John says ePN will continue to improve our tools and products, with a focus on creating ways for publishers to find the right products and events within eBay. Another major priority is investing in our platform to make sure we’re providing world-class tracking, reporting and API access. Along with this, we’ll continue to look at how we can help improve conversions, including testing landing pages to find the best path for buyers.

In the end, Tien couldn’t help but ask about John’s new facial addition, as he is currently sporting a ‘stache in support of Movember, the movement to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. John also wanted us to note that this segment was filmed in early November and that his facial has filled in nicely since then!

We’re excited about all that we have going on as we continue to grow and improve the program, and welcome any feedback and questions in the comments section below. Thanks for your partnership, and thanks for watching ePN TV.