Important Update Regarding Shopping API


We wanted you to be aware of the shutdown of several calls within the Shopping API. The following calls will cease to work by February 28, 2015, and there is no guarantee these calls will continue to return results after January 31, 2015:

Shopping API Deprecated Call Migration Path: API; call
FindItems Finding API; findItemsAdvanced
FindItemsAdvanced Finding API; findItemsAdvanced
FindProducts item retrieval (IncludeSelector=Items or Details) ** Finding API; findItemsByProduct


** For the FindProducts call, only the item retrieval functionality is being deprecated. We suggest migrating to the FindingAPI and using the findItemsByProduct call instead, which searches for items on eBay using specific eBay product values. 

These calls were officially deprecated in 2011, but we were able to work with our technical teams to extend the original timeframe while communicating the future plans to our partners. You can read the official migration guide for the Shopping API’s FindItemsAdvanced call to the Finding API’s findItemsAdvanced call here.

We strongly encourage you to migrate from these calls to the Finding API before the end of January 2015. After this date, there is no guarantee these calls will continue to return results. You should be fully migrated by the end of February 2015. The Shopping API is built on one of our legacy systems and as such, publishers should expect that further calls may be deprecated in the future. You can read the Shopping API Release Notes here, and please feel free to contact the eBay Developer’s Program with any questions here.

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