Go Green for Spring


With winter slowly coming to an end, what better way to spring forward than to “go green”? Now is the perfect time to get rid of the clutter and recharge for warmer days while being environmentally conscious. eBay offers a variety of “green” goods to help your visitors refresh and feel good in the process. Green Spring Cleaning

Encourage your visitors to spring into action with environmentally safe household cleaning supplies. Choose from a number of multi-purpose and degreaser cleaners along with scrub pads, towels and cloths to keep the home looking spotless. To keep belongings organized, eBay also has a variety of eco-friendly home organization products available from storage baskets, bags and boxes to magazine racks and book cases.

Fashionably Eco-Conscious

Green garb isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. If your visitors are in need of an upgrade, eBay has a selection of organic clothing and accessories for the whole family – everything from t-shirts and hoodies for the men and dresses, tops and blouses for the women. Not only can the kids dress to impress but babies can also help the environment with a number of green goods including diapers, toys and bedding.

In addition, eBay partners with Patagonia to reduce the environmental footprint. Your visitors can not only join the movement by selling old goods but can also browse through an assortment of men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing to help save the Earth.

Green Cars

Another way to go green is by driving smart! Guide your visitors to eBay’s Green Driving page, where they can explore environmentally friendly cars and search recycled auto parts. Visitors can also compare fuel types such as electric, hybrid and diesel among others, and you and your visitors can browse news and articles on current trends and tips on environmentally responsible driving.

While in the spirit of protecting the planet, visitors can also work with eBay to give back and support environmental causes with our Giving Works program.

Happy Spring and Happy Promoting!