Turning Competitors Into Allies: ePN in MarketingProfs


Earlier this year, ePN Director John Toskey spoke at Affiliate Summit West on a panel alongside several of our partners, Oliver Roup of VigLink and Jessica Spira of Ziff Davis, and moderated by Ethan Davidoff of RiskIQ. The topic of discussion was how striking unique partnerships can help drive successes, with the panelists touching on how to initiate these kinds of partnerships, challenges and opportunities, and the importance of clear communication. To take this idea a step further, John recently penned an article for MarketingProfs, an online publication that provides education, expertise and insights for marketing professionals. In this article, published today, John shares six actionable steps that businesses can take to collaborate with other organizations that would traditionally be viewed as competitors.

One example John provides is how ePN partners with other networks, such as VigLink and Skimlinks, for the benefit of the networks, publishers and shoppers. To learn more and to read the full article, visit MarketingProfs.

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