Happy Birthday, eBay!


eBay has spent the past two decades growing a community that creates opportunities for buyers, sellers and partners across the globe. This month, eBay celebrates its 20th anniversary, and we wanted to take this opportunity to look at some of the highlights over the years: 1995: Founder Pierre Omidyar makes eBay’s first sale: a broken laser pointer, which sells to a collector for $14.83.

1997: $500 million worth of Beanie Babies are sold on eBay, representing more than 6% of eBay’s total volume.

1999: eBay launches sites in Germany, Australia and the UK. Today, eBay is available in 180 countries.

2000: eBay Motors is launched, Half.com is acquired, Buy It Now is introduced, and the API is made available to developers. Busy year!

2001: eBay Partner Network launches.

2006: A Frank Mulder designed gigayacht becomes the most expensive item ever sold on eBay, selling for $168 million.

2008: ePN becomes an in-house affiliate program, and eBay is one of the first companies to launch an iPhone app.

2009: The Deals app is launched to highlight money-saving daily deals.

2010: The original Hollywood sign sells for $450,000 on eBay.

2012: eBay launches a Global Shipping Program, helping U.S. sellers grow their businesses with easier international shipping.

2014: eBay joins forces with Sotheby’s to offer mid-priced works of art in a virtual live-auction format.

From its origins with a single seller with one product for sale, eBay has since evolved into the experience you know today, fueled by 25 million sellers, 157 million buyers and more than 800 million products.

Whether you’ve been working with us for decades or days, we wanted to thank you for your partnership. You are a contributor to our success, and we’re excited to see what opportunities the next 20 years bring!

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