EPN's John Toskey to Share Mobile Success Tips at Affiliate Summit


Affiliate Summit West 2016 kicks off this weekend, and our team is looking forward to attending this annual gathering for affiliates, advertisers and networks. We’ll spend several days speaking with publishers, attending events and taking in conference sessions, hosted at Paris in Las Vegas. EPN global director John Toskey is speaking during one of the sessions, which takes place on Monday, Jan. 11, at 2pm in Champagne Ballroom 4. His presentation, Affiliate Adventures in Mobile Commerce, focuses on the latest trends driving mobile ecommerce growth, and provides insight into how affiliates can capitalize on these opportunities.

For just a fraction of what you can expect during John’s presentation, check out the following episode of EPN TV:

In this episode, John provides success tips corresponding to three basic mobile principles: Deliver a cohesive online experience, don’t forget about apps, and dig into your data to uncover your site’s unique traffic trends.

If you’re attending Affiliate Summit West, we hope you’ll stop by to listen to John’s session. We look forward to seeing you soon!