Live 2016 – Kick-Start Something New This Year


With the first few days of the New Year behind us, thoughts are on resolutions, goals and other steps to make 2016 even better than 2015. Will this be the year that you pursue your ambitions harder, dive deeply into new experiences and cultivate your passions? If the potential of the New Year inspires you, you’re not alone. eBay’s new campaign, Live 2016, is a celebration of this feeling. It's a promise eBay can help fulfill with its unique spectrum of value for every passion.


Love to run? Run 2016. Love TV? Watch 2016. Want a new look? Style 2016. Adventure it, explore it, own it, and celebrate it. Cook it, build it, and play it. There's no limit to how big you can make it.

Whether it’s getting fit, eating healthy, organizing, reading more or learning a new language, we encourage you to harness this drive and invite your visitors to focus on their passions in 2016. And eBay can help fuel and support any passion, with the following benefits:

-Selection: Unique items to pursue your new or existing passion

-Brands: Your favorite brands allow you to get the trusted gear you need to perform your best

-Deals: Deep discounts, so you can get everything you need to support your passion for less

By sharing these messages and the spirit of Live 2016 with your visitors, you can direct them to turn to eBay to help fulfill their goals. There’s no limit to how big you can make it… 2016 is going to be great because of you!