EPN TV: John Toskey Talks Global Expansion into Australia


In this episode of EPN TV, John Toskey highlights the reasons why affiliates should jump into the Australian market. If you’re not yet thinking about the opportunities down under, now is a good time to start. Why Australia? To start, Australia has a strong economy and a sizable ecommerce market, with more than half of consumers regularly shopping online. Its residents are tech savvy, with 80% smartphone penetration. And perhaps most importantly, the eBay brand is strong: eBay is the #1 most influential retail brand, and the #2 most influential brand overall – behind only Google!

So how can you take advantage? First, make sure that you’re approved to promote the Australian market through EPN. Second, set your links and banners to geo-targeting, to make sure you’re sending your users to their relevant local site, such as eBay.com.au. Finally, dig in to see which products and brands are popular in Australia, and determine which of these might appeal to your audience.

Are you currently reaching visitors from the land of Oz? If so, we’d love to read your tips and insights in the comments section below.