Catch buyers with the Pokémon GO phenomenon


Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past week, you probably know that Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm. The augmented reality mobile game is making daily headlines for increasing the steps of gamers who scour neighborhoods, equipped with their mobile devices’ GPS and camera, earning points and advancing levels by capturing, battling and training virtual Pokémon characters.

If it seems like this phenomenon came out of left field, it may surprise you to learn that Pokémon items have actually been at the top of the eBay trend charts for quite some time. In fact, Pokémon has been the fourth best-selling fandom franchise on eBay globally for the past decade, beating out Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.

Biggest-Franchises-of-All-Time-eBay-Data2But with the launch of this new Pokémon GO mobile game, its popularity among millennials and other groups has leveled up. Since the release of the app in several countries including the United States in mid-July, one Pokémon-related item has sold every 12 seconds globally on eBay, which is a 57% increase from its pre-app average selling rate.

Fans are clamoring for the most popular Pokémon GO merchandise, which eBay Data Labs has released here. eBay is the premiere destination for hard-to-find items, like the $35 Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, which is sold out elsewhere but currently selling for $109 - $128 on eBay.

You can capture your audience with this trend by promoting it on your site, and particularly on social media with the trending #PokemonGO hashtag. Direct your visitors to eBay’s Pokémon GO landing page for the best deals and most popular items in the Collectibles, Electronics and Fashion categories, including:

Collectibles: Stickers, caps, toys, stuffed animal, trading cards

Fashion: T-Shirts/apparel

Electronics: Gameboy games and consoles, power banks, iPhone covers

See what other Pokémon GO items are most coveted by fans by visiting eBay Data Labs. And let us know if you’ll jump on this trend by leaving a comment below!