Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Content Marketing?


Affiliate marketers wear many hats, and it’s likely that the ‘content marketer’ hat has made its way into your rotation a time or two. How do you know when it’s the right time to rock it, and when you should pass it over to someone else? As technology evolves, content marketers face a variety of choices that weren't available in the past. It's difficult to strike the perfect balance between automation and manual work. You want to work smart and lessen your load, but you don't want to come off as overly automated or robotic. But by carefully navigating the waters of outsourcing, you can delegate content creation at appropriate times while maintaining control of your voice.

Step One: Avoid reinventing the wheel by repurposing content

Your audience wants to see fresh, updated content as often as possible. But that doesn't mean every similar piece of content must be rebuilt from scratch. Repurposing content is one great way to reuse useful information without having to start from square one. Take note of your existing content, and look for ways to extend it across all relevant channels. For example, repurposing parts of blog posts into social media statuses is both a quick and genuine way to reach your audience on a new platform.

Step Two: Assess your team, budget, and timeline

Outsourced content is a hot topic in today's digital marketing landscape. Many experts insist you should be doing it, while others argue that putting your content and voice in someone else's hands is a tricky game. The question affiliates must ask is whether they have the time and bandwidth to effectively execute their content marketing strategy. If you're working with very few resources or growing rapidly with a heap of distractions, outsourcing may be the right move.

Another indication that it’s time to outsource is if you’re lacking some of the necessary skills to get all aspects of the job done. Curating content, engaging the audience, performing research and creating graphics are just a few of the skills utilized in content marketing. You may have one team member who can do it all or several to juggle the tasks. But if you’re uncertain about any of these aspects or if you’ve seen questionable results thus far, it may be time to hire an outside professional.

Budget is another factor to assess when deciding whether to outsource content marketing. Typically, affiliates with marketing budgets of less than $1,000 per month won't be able to afford an agency. But any business can pinpoint critical times to hire freelancers for projects through services like Scripted, Fiverr, 99designs and Copyblogger. This may include holiday marketing campaigns or campaigns just before the launch of a new product. For some inspiration beyond outsourcing only writing-related tasks, Shawn Collins, Co-founder of Affiliate Summit, shares five interesting ways he’s used Fiverr.

Step Three: Select Your Writers

If you determine outsourcing is right for you, here are a few tips on hiring great writers:

  • Review the writer's ability to use words eloquently and communicate concepts
  • Communicate your brand's values to the writer
  • Consider the success of past pieces by the writer

One major aspect of content marketing is writing - grammar, idea generation and storytelling are just some of the skills your writers must have. When it comes to hiring writers who make a genuine impact, a conceptual understanding of your voice is essential. Affiliates can create a basic sheet of brand information and goals so that writers can get acquainted immediately. It's also wise to review previously published work to judge a writer's level of industry knowledge and social media impact.

Affiliate marketers can still make a personal connection with their audience while automating and outsourcing content. By using these guidelines to know when it’s right to outsource, you’ll have more time to focus on optimizing your campaigns and earning more with EPN.