Ask Me Anything with eBay’s Head of SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important topic for just about anyone who publishes content online. So to help you maximize your efforts to rank higher on search engines, we gave Insiders the opportunity to get their burning SEO questions in front of Pete Dainty, eBay's head of search engine optimization. Here are a few of your questions, along with Pete’s responses: 

“Do you know if its widely assumed if Google uses its customers' site Analytics data, such as Time On Site and Bounce Rate, to influence site/page rankings?” - Helios825,

“Aside from any of the legal implications, I wouldn’t assume that Google is using your site analytics data to influence rankings or whether they use data from Chrome.

“Whether or not it influences search engine rankings, bounce rate is an important metric we track internally at eBay for our site experience, what matters most is if people engage. Very simply, the lower the bounce rate, the more people are engaging with your site and that can only be good.

“Google, for example, wants to reward great user experience as per its own guidelines and this is where I’d focus.”

“Are amp pages going to be key in eBay SEO in the near future?” - Jane Williams,

“Irrespective of search engine rankings, AMP pages are key for a faster mobile experience and solving for impatience and frustration from tolerating slow loading sites.

“Personally, I’d like to see AMP become the default for all web pages and I’d recommend that any site look in to it (

“eBay wants to have the fastest possible experience for all people, if search engines choose to reward it, that’s great, but site experience comes first.

“There have been numerous studies on the impact of site speed on engagement, so again ignoring search engine rankings, having a faster site should please more of our customers and that’s key for eBay.”

We’ll share more questions and answers in upcoming posts. In the meantime, you can also read this recent blog post for more SEO tips.