Introducing eBay Collective


We’re excited to announce that eBay recently launched an all-new destination for a curated selection of furniture, contemporary design, fine arts and antiques. Whether your visitors are working on minor home touch-ups or a full-blown extreme makeover, eBay Collective includes world-class inventory for an elevated shopping experience. Direct your site’s users to shop the collection, which includes seating, tables, decorative objects, lighting, fine art, Asian antiques, silver, sculptures and more. Visitors can also browse by trusted dealers as well as shop by style, making the process easier and more personal.

Dealers and galleries featured in the Collective have been invited by eBay, providing a truly curated experience. A white-glove managed shipping service provides flat rates on continental US freight to simplify purchases.

Integrating eBay’s “Shop the Look” artificial intelligence technology gives shoppers a more interactive experience, as they can hover over images to find a match or closely related item for sale in the Collective.

“Whether you are looking for a unique piece of furniture from a specific time period or one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for your home that reflects your own style, eBay Collective will help shoppers to find that perfect piece,” says eBay’s Vice President of Soft Goods, Jill Ramsey.

Encourage your visitors to explore eBay Collective now.

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