Introducing Smart Links


We’re excited to introduce a sneak peek of a “smart” new tool for EPN publishers. The Smart Links tool enables you to quickly turn multiple existing eBay links on a page into trackable links, eliminating the need to manually generate EPN links for each. This tool is available now by following the instructions below and will be live in the EPN portal in the coming weeks.

Smart Links reduces the time and effort needed to create affiliate links. By adding a few lines of JavaScript to your page template, these lines of code will automatically scan your page for any eBay URLs. Your affiliate tagging parameters will then be automatically added to each of these links, so you can earn commissions when visitors click through your links and make a purchase.

To start, follow these steps:

  1. Add your Smart Links code snippet

Within the <head></head> tag of your web page, add the following code snippet, adding in your campaign ID where indicated:

<script async src=""></script><script>window._epn={campaign:YOUR-CAMPAIGN-ID-HERE};</script>

  1. Set required parameters

You must include your campaign ID in the tag or your clicks will not be properly tracked. To get your campaign ID, go to Then, copy the campaign ID you want to use and place it in the code snippet after the campaign: parameter in the snippet above.

  1. Validate your setup

Once your Smart Links code snippet is in place, load one of your webpages and hover over your eBay links. Each eBay link in your page should be updated to point to

Please note that if you add the Smart Links code, it will add your affiliate tracking to any existing eBay links, but it will not affect any of your existing EPN affiliate links. Any eBay links you add in the future will automatically be converted to affiliate links using your Smart Links campaign ID. [edited 5/26/17]

We’ve also made it easy for you to view clicks and earnings generated by your Smart Links traffic. To take a look, visit the reporting section in the Publisher Portal. Select report type “By Tool/Creative.” After your run your report, you’ll see a line item in the chart at the bottom of the page for Smart Links, which will display your impressions, clicks and other key metrics.

If you have questions or run into issues using Smart Links, please open a Customer Support ticket by emailing

How will you use Smart Links? Let us know in the comments!