7 Expert Tips on How to Create Effective Affiliate Landing Pages That Convert


Effective landing pages are crucial to any affiliate marketer’s strategy. Done well, they boost your lead generation and conversion, and also help you build and/or monetize your audience.

While there are many turnkey landing page builders out there, it’s important that you understand the key components of an effective landing page, as well as strategies and practices to convert traffic – both existing and cold – into valuable leads.

For affiliate marketers, there are several types of landing pages that are commonly used:

Single product review page: This looks more like a blog post or article than a promotion. It features a distraction-free design; prominent calls to action (CTA) and other conversion elements; and helpful, credible content that presents both positive and negative aspects of the product you’re reviewing.

Review “round-up” page:  Similar to the single product review page, the round-up allows readers to easily compare and contrast products without overwhelming them with too much information. It should ultimately answer the all-important reader’s question, “which is the best for me?”

Resources review page: If you’re an authority in a particular field (i.e. photography), this type of landing page highlights your favorite tools within the context of you providing your expert advice.

Squeeze page: A squeeze page has a very specific purpose: to persuade visitors to provide you with a valuable asset – their email addresses. For affiliates, squeeze pages effectively do double duty: not only do they help you build your mailing list so you can foster an ongoing relationship with quality prospects, but you can also use it to send traffic to merchant sites like eBay. Squeeze pages often feature what copywriting expert Bob Bly calls “freemium” content, which is a taste of the valuable information you’ll share with them. This hooks them in and when done well, acts as powerful conversion mechanism.

Once you’ve decided what type of landing page you’re going to use, the next step is to devise your landing page so that it delivers the results you want. Creating effective landing pages is both an art and a science. Here are expert tips to help you create landing pages that work:

Keep it simple
From a clean layout to no navigation menus, spare (but persuasive) text, and bullet points for easy reading, keep your page design simple so your readers can focus on your content without distraction.

Know your landing page hot spots…

Similar to the advice we shared about how to strategically place EPN creative on your site to grab attention and increase clicks, Bob Bly identified the 7 most important elements on your landing page:

●      Banner: Use it to establish credibility

●      Headline copy: Grab the reader’s attention

●      Subhead: Keep them reading with a value proposition

●      Body copy: Dive in with the reader’s pain points, use bullets to make points clear and easy to read

●      Image: Use eye-catching imagery

●      Form: Give them something for free to get something (email sign up)

Close: Reinforce the value, make it limited time or other compelling CTA


… and test these key elements!

Only a little over 50% of businesses that use landing pages do A/B testing to increase conversions, and without testing, 100% will leave money on the table. From trying out different text for headlines, subheads and body copy, to seeing which images pull best, and even by testing the color and shape of CTA buttons, you’ll maximize the effectiveness of your landing page.  

Provide valuable content

While providing your readers with helpful content is always key for affiliate marketers, it’s perhaps more important when it comes to landing pages, which are specifically geared to converting your audience. Some of Bly’s top rules for writing landing pages that sell include building your credibility early on, putting an emotional hook in your lead, making your content timely and current, and solving your reader’s problems. So, for example, with the holidays coming up, a comparison review page of the best digital cameras for gifts this season has perfect timing, a topical message, and solves the problem of what to get this year for the photography enthusiast in your family.

Make your CTAs compelling

From making sure your CTAs are aligned with your landing page content to creating a sense of urgency with time limits, to being strategic about where you place them (i.e. above the fold, at the end of the page) and making sure the design looks clickable and stands out from the rest of the page, CTAs are a critical component of your landing page. And as mentioned before, be sure to test, test, test!

Build in value propositions

The two most powerful words in copywriting, according to Bly, are “free” and “you.” Make sure your audience knows what’s in it for them, and include bonuses and guarantees.

Try video

Video is becoming more and more important and can increase conversions up to 86%. For example, spotlight a free video on your landing page, and ask them to opt-in to your mailing list for access to more free, informative videos. The people who sign up for videos tend to be higher quality leads overall.

Creating powerful, persuasive landing pages that convert are a key strategy for affiliate marketers to master. Try these expert tips and let us know in the comments how they help increase your conversions, engagement, and affiliate earnings.

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