Earn Easier with the New, Customizable RSS eBay Deals Feeds


Your voice has been heard, which is why we have been hard at work building the new and improved RSS solution by EPN. We are excited to unveil one of the most efficient cash-driving tools you can use to monetize your traffic today.

As a pioneer in online shopping deals, eBay empowers you to consistently promote the items your audience wants at the best price. Thanks to recent updates made to the RSS Feed Generator, you can now spend less time finding, automate your sharing, and enjoy more earning in real-time with customizable Daily, Weekly, and Core eBay Deals Feeds.

To help you optimize your site simply and quickly, the new RSS Generator enables you to filter by commissionable deals (US & CA), occurrence (Daily, Weekly, etc.), listing date, price, and more. If you’re ready to get started now, check out the Quick Start Guide.

Not big on deals? Not a problem. You can apply your search criteria, keywords (and exclusions!) to match any of the 1 billion listings in eBay’s global inventory, or you can select your preferred marketplace to pull from.

Here’s how you can accelerate your earnings with this new tool:

  • Tailor your new Deals Feed to fit to your site and your visitors’ buying behavior. Apply filters such as Daily, Weekly, or Core to increase relevance and click-through.
  • Save time. If you promote the US and CA marketplaces, you no longer have to worry about commissions eligibility. Filter the eBay Deals that are displayed in your RSS Feed by whether or not they will convert to cash for you.
  • Don’t bother refreshing your query. You can now set your Feed to automatically sort and pull items or deals by newest listings, lowest price, free shipping, PayPal compatibility, top-rated sellers, or even auction end-date.
  • Go global and promote listings in your audience’s native language. The new RSS Feed Generator is available in English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Easy to use means easier to earn. Remember: No development or coding expertise is required to use the RSS Feed Generator. Feature real-time listings on your site without an API. As listings and deals hit the marketplace that fit within your Feed’s criteria, they’ll show up on your site.

Click here to log in and see all these new features for yourself!

The new and improved RSS Feed Generator is just one step we are taking to make your job easier. In addition to these updates, we have a few other initiatives in the works that will help you drive buyers to better inventory, simply and efficiently. For sneak peeks and exclusive updates, join our Insiders community.

We’d love to hear what you think. If you have any questions or feedback, email us anytime at AskEPN@ebay.com.