Treat Yourself to Increased Commissions With These 4 Tips for Halloween

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The Halloween spirit is in full swing, and this week and next are the hottest shopping times for costumes and products (decorations, special effects and supplies), and it will continue through the end of the month.

To scare up more earnings this Halloween, here are some treats you can share with your visitors – no tricks necessary!

Bring old eBay customers back to life, earn double commissions

eBay is known to be the perfect place to find unusual and unique items -- the kind of goods coveted most by Halloween shoppers -- so take this opportunity to conjure up bonus earnings on not just new customers, but also reactivated ones. By giving your visitors good reason to dust the cobwebs off accounts that have been dormant since last October (or longer), you’ll earn double commissions on sales from these visitors.

Customize your costume suggestions

With long lines and limited options, brick-and-mortar Halloween stores are no match for the vast and varied costume options available on eBay. Use our Costume Closet to search for disguises to share with your audience by gender, age, size, themes and trends, price, and even for pets. And keep in mind that some costumes, depending on the seller, are considered “fashion,” which is a high earning commissions category (70%!).

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the best costumes for all ages include on-trend superheroes including Wonder Woman (thanks to the summer blockbuster movie), Aquaman, Batman, Superman, and The Flash (all from the highly anticipated film, Justice League). Also classic Halloween characters (witches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, etc.) are always popular choices. For kids, the more “generic” costumes are best: superhero, princess, or cuddly animals rate highest. But some brands, notably Star Wars, ranked high for children as well. (Star Wars also takes the top spot for pets, because whose four-legged friend doesn’t look adorable as a tiny Yoda or fuzzy ewok?)

eBay’s Halloween 2017 intel backs up what the NRF says about hot costumes, and gives you even more ideas and rich insights into what buyers are looking for:

Top Halloween Costumes (and Themes) Sold On eBay*

1.      Descendants

2.      Cosplay

3.      Wonder Woman

4.      Batman

5.      Anime

6.      Clowns & Circus – most likely due to the success of IT

7.      Toys & Games

8.      Steampunk

9.      Medieval & Gothic

10.    Horror

Top Searched Halloween Costumes (and Themes) On eBay**

1.      Unicorn

2.      Pennywise

3.      Cosplay

4.      Harley Quinn

5.      Spiderman

6.      Wonder Woman

7.      Clown

8.      Batman

9.      Deadpool

10.    Game of Thrones

Top Halloween Costumes (and Themes) for Pets

1.       Lion’s Mane

2.       Ewok (Star Wars)

3.       Star Wars

4.       Spider

5.       Wonder Woman

6.       Dragon

7.       Unicorn

8.       Hot Dog

9.       Shark

10.   Dinosaur

Remember, DIY dress-up is always in style

A great angle affiliate marketers can take is to supply DIY devotees with ideas for easy costumes that can be made on a budget. eBay has all the accessories necessary to complete Halloween looks, from wigs and masks to wands, plastic swords, makeup and more.

Recommend devilish décor for the haunted house enthusiast

The rabid fan base for Halloween has grown over time, with holiday lovers filling their homes with everything from ghoulish figurines and yard décor to decals and tabletop and window décor.

So don’t be afraid to hop on promoting Halloween during the holiday home stretch. Seasonal events are a great way to scare up higher earnings while also treating your visitors to valuable content.

Here’s to bootiful and bountiful Halloween promoting!

*All data based on sold items from 9/3 – 9/22

**All data based on search items from 9/3 – 9/22

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