4 Insider Tips & Tools for Maximizing Holiday Earnings With eBay

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Holiday ecommerce sales are predicted by Deloitte to increase 18%-21% this year, to a potential $114 billion. We know you have more options than ever when it comes to where you send traffic. Given our longevity in the online retail space, we are uniquely positioned to share not only the earliest indication of a trend, but also the data to help you take advantage of the strength of the season -- and maximize your earning potential.

Here are 4 ways we can help you to break through the holiday noise to capture the attention, imagination and clicks of your readers:

1) Gild your gift guides with our intel.

Gift guides are one of the best ways to engage your audience; readers are hungry for expert insights and inspired ideas from you, an authority in your niche. According to Accenture’s annual Holiday Shopping Survey, 64% of respondents said that shopping for gifts would be much easier if they were given ideas, and 54% said online wish lists would make for a better online shopping experience.

Because we have our finger on the pulse of consumer demand worldwide, be sure to make your first stop our Trending Items page when putting together your gift guides and other holiday content. You’ll not only find the top-selling items, but also the products selling at a premium -- which can provide significant opportunities to up your earnings. If they top our list, you know they top your readers’, too. As a bonus, guides also have lasting power and are a great way to earn valuable links back to your site, boosting your SEO. For more SEO tips, click here.

Expert Tip: Use product names from the Trending Items page as keywords in a Smart Placements banner and customize the size, fonts and colors to match your site.

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2) Toys aren’t just for kids -- look for ways to integrate the top gifts in your holiday content.

Toys are always the most in-demand and difficult to find gifts for the holidays; one quick look at our Trending Items page proves it. When other retailers sell out, they’re out, but we’re the place that has the scarce items (and without the line!). Consumers are willing to pay a premium, too, which can net you higher commissions -- so even if toys aren’t in your niche, consider finding ways to get creative with including trendy toys in your content mix. 


Expert Tip: To avoid having to generate personalized affiliate links for each toy with either the Link Generator or Bookmarklet, add the Smart Links code to your site. In just a couple of clicks, every past, present and future link to eBay on your site will be monetized with your affiliate tracking data.

3) Do your deal diligence.

While our Price Match Guarantee ensures your audience will get the absolute lowest prices anywhere, we also have ongoing deals that will roll out through the holiday shopping season. Be sure to check out last week’s post about our “First Minute” deals for insight and inspiration.

Expert Tip: Remember to use our new customizable RSS feed generator to pull listings into your site in real time and easily filter by commissionable deals, occurrence, listing date, price, and more. 

4) Let your readers know you have their backs -- guaranteed.

Refer traffic secure in the knowledge that our promises are yours, too. From our Price Match, Money Back, and Shipping Guarantees to eBay Authenticate, your visitors can buy holiday gifts from your links with confidence, and without any required membership fees.

With just weeks to go, now’s the time to make holiday hay -- and pay off for your efforts. We’re here to help you with ideas, tips and tools to maximize your 4th quarter marketing; so let us know in the comments or email us at AskEPN@ebay.com if you have questions. 

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