eBay Partner Marketing Playbook: Strategies, Tips & Tools to Win More Holiday Earnings

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We’re in the holiday homestretch, but there’s still plenty of shopping going on through to the end of the year. In fact, one of Deloitte’s major findings in its annual holiday shopping survey is that the buying goes well beyond gifts; 50% of people say they shop for themselves while buying for others, and 38% plan on taking advantage of holiday sales to purchase non-holiday items. And regardless of whether a retailer is online, or bricks and mortar, “digital influence is one of the strongest cards to play this holiday season.”

We know you’re busier than ever this holiday season, so we wanted to share these quick tips to help you maximize your earning potential during the busiest retail time of the year.

EPN tools at your fingertips boost your productivity & save you precious time

*Helpful Hint: Make sure you’re placing graphics strategically to grab attention and increase click-throughs to eBay.


Guarantees, techniques & data-driven insights help you grab more commissions, faster

Search engine optimization makes you discoverable, and when done right, more profitable

Use social media to target key audiences and increase your visibility -- and conversions

More you can do to promote & grow your business this holiday season

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