Get Timely Network Updates with our New Partner Support Page


We place a priority on continually finding ways to improve your experience, from introducing new tools to sharing optimization tips to providing dedicated customer support when you need it.

In this spirit, we’re introducing the eBay Partner Network Updates page – a new way for us to quickly and proactively communicate any system updates or reported issues.

In addition to providing real-time updates on the status of the EPN website, the publisher portal, reports, payments and more, you’ll also find details about recent updates including site maintenance, both planned and completed.

We’re committed to providing partners with timely support, and this is a new way for us to keep you in the loop. So rather than cluttering your inbox with status and maintenance updates, you’ll simply be able to check this page if you’re curious about the status of an issue. Any widespread and/or major updates will continue to be communicated through email.

Screenshot 2017-11-07 12.29.53.png

You’ll also be able to quickly get help with any issues by submitting a case through this page. By letting us know if something isn’t working as expected, you’ll receive assistance – and help others who also may be experiencing the same issue – as soon as possible.

This is just one avenue for receiving support from our team, and it complements our other customer support channels. You can also always check our forum or send an email to for one-on-one support.

Please check out the new EPN Status link under the Resources section of our website, and bookmark this page for easy reference: While the updates are currently only available in English, all publishers can submit issues through this form, and we plan to roll the updates out globally soon. Let us know in the comments or email us if there’s anything else that would make this page even more helpful to you.

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