EPN TV: Looking at Product Initiatives for 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.22.21 AM.png

As promised in our previous episode of EPN TV, we wanted to give you a look into what our product team has planned for 2017. In this new episode, John Toskey chats with Matthias Klappenbach, who leads EPN’s product team.

Matthias explains that the larger product team is actually divided into several groups. While one of these groups focuses on backend processes like tracking, the team that Matthias heads is focused on frontend systems such as the publisher portal and tools.

Matthias explains that his team recently began focusing more on tools for publishers who want quick and simple solutions. As an example, he points to Smart Links, which allows partners to affiliatize any eBay link on a webpage by dropping a line of JavaScript into the page template.

Additionally, Smart Placements, which was created to replace the Custom Banner, is already in beta. Matthias says that by adding a line of JavaScript to your site, you can use this tool to serve customized ad units that display live eBay listings, based on your specified keywords.

Building on the success of the Bookmarklet, Matthias also says that the team will introduce a Chrome extension over the next few months. This will be more robust than the Bookmarklet, and will allow affiliates to create and share links instantly, while also displaying helpful insights like EPN earnings.

For more technically savvy partners, Matthias mentions the recent improvements to Downloadable Feeds. With the addition of new fields, publishers can now better select which listings to promote to visitors.  And over the next month, the product team will also be building global Daily Deals feeds, to be delivered in RSS/Atom or JSON.

Finally, Matthias touches on the importance of machine learning in the future of EPN product initiatives. The team is already exploring ways to use this kind of science to provide more personalized product recommendations based on visitor purchasing behavior.

What else do you want to see from our product team? Let us know in the comments below.