10 Reasons Why Monetizing Your Website with EPN is a No-Brainer

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for anyone from a part-time hobby blogger to a social media influencer to a large international publisher to make commissions on sales they refer to online merchants or service providers.

With more than 1 billion product listings to choose from, eBay Partner Network (EPN) has been one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs since we began in 2001. That’s because whatever you're into, it's on eBay!

Before you say YES to joining EPN, here are 10 reasons why it’s a NO-brainer:

1)    NO wait: The application takes no more than a minute or two to complete, and as long as you provide the information we request, approvals are made instantly, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

2)    NO need to have a website: If you’ve got a following on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or a solid mailing list, you’ll earn commissions when people click on your EPN affiliate link and make a qualified purchase of the items you’re promoting.

3)    NO restriction on traffic/followers: There are no traffic limitations or requirements on your website or blog, or how many followers you need to have on social media. We know many people are just getting started, and we want to help you monetize your online endeavors from the get-go.

4)    NO restriction on being an affiliate with other merchants: Many of our affiliates participate in other programs and networks, and that’s fine with us. Then again, there are five million eBay sellers offering 81% new items and 87% fixed price products, plus an abundance of new deals daily, so you’ll have plenty of lucrative opportunities to earn commissions on sales you refer to eBay. 

5)    NO shipping: All you need to do is find what you want to promote and share your custom affiliate link – that’s it! Once the sale is complete, the eBay merchant you’ve referred your friend, fan or customer to takes care of the rest. Plus, 67% of items on eBay ship for free, so that’s an enticing selling point to share with your audience!

6)    NO boundaries: eBay is one of the world’s most recognized international brands, and you can earn by directing traffic to 13 global websites – you can really be an affiliate marketer from anywhere.

7)    NO complications: Once you sign up, it’s simple to get started. Simply FIND the products you want to promote, SHARE your custom affiliate link (which is easy to generate), and EARN when your customers click through and purchase the items you’re promoting.

8)    NO restriction on where you share your eBay recommendations: We encourage you to share your picks on any social media channel that permits affiliate marketing, on your website, on your blog, in your mobile app, or in your emails.

9)    NO limit on how much money you can make: Your commissions are based on how many qualified sales are made from your referrals; the percentage of revenue varies by category and is based on eBay’s revenue per item. There’s no cap on how much you can earn!

10) NO payment or reporting hassles: Because it’s based on a transparent revenue share model, the amount you earn in commissions is based directly on the sales you drive to eBay – simple and straightforward. As long as you reach the minimum needed for payment, you’ll be paid every month. We track purchases and earnings the day after a sale occurs and you can view your earnings per click (EPC) and other important information easily on your dashboard.

Making money with EPN is easy – find what you like and you know your friends, fans and audience will appreciate, share those listings with any of a number of easy tools we provide to you, and earn commissions when what you share, sells.

There’s NO reason not to join EPN – GET STARTED.

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