Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing: Real-Life Stories, Part 5

In the fifth post in this series, we’re collecting and sharing stories about how some of our partners got their start in affiliate marketing. We asked members of our Insiders community how they began, how they learned what to do to be successful, and what they wish they’d known from the start. Here’s what they had to say…

“I got into affiliate marketing at a time when I was frustrated with my life and my job. I went for a walk to clear my head and I remember sitting on a rock by the sea and thinking and there must be a way I can make money while I'm doing something else. I started to think about the Internet and surely there must be a way to use a computer to automate the money making process, but how? A quick search on Google revealed affiliate marketing to be what I was looking for. Years later and a recent redundancy, I am now a full time affiliate, earning more than my previous full time job.”

-       John Cadman,  

"I started with Adsense about five years ago to help support my two forums. I felt being an eBay affiliate could add a fresh dynamic to my websites. While I'm happy with the results, there is still a lot of room for improvement. I've learned that it's best to focus on having a small number of quality websites that I can devote all my energy to, rather than having multiple mediocre sites!"

-       Todd St. Clair,  and  

"I maintain several specialized websites, two of which cover the subject of wristwatches. I have bought and sold on eBay since January 2000. I write guides, keep collections, review many products and work on Wikipedia articles. I also became an author in 1985 and penned a best seller in 2007. I like to write! I became an EPN member and found it profitable, and it allowed me to show my readers examples of my topics.”

-Tom Adelstein, &  

"I got started in affiliate marketing in an effort to monetize my websites. Of course it seems like I'm always learning and trying to make things click! Just about everything I've learned has been by trial and error and seeing what works for my visitors."

-       Lana Boote,

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