Six Simple Tools to Ramp Up Your Affiliate Commissions

You already have plenty to do when it comes to planning, building and growing your affiliate marketing business, so we want to make it easy for you to succeed.

With a bevy of ways to add affiliate links to your website, blog, social posts, and/or e-mails, the following six EPN tools top our list of the best ways to get started. Use them individually or together to make instant impact and ensure that you’re maximizing your affiliate marketing efforts.


Finding just the right products to promote is a big part of what builds your credibility, trust and overall business. Whatever you’re looking for is on eBay, but there’s a lot to choose from with over 1 billion listings! The following quick and easy link building tools will help you create custom, trackable URLs for your visitors to follow, so once a sale is complete, you’ll be credited the commission.

1) Bookmarklet Tool: Keep your eye on the prize while you identify the best products for your audience with the Bookmarklet Tool, which allows you to create affiliate links to any eBay page in seconds, right from your browser.

2) Link Generator: Similar to the Bookmarklet Tool, the Link Generator allows you to quickly create affiliate links to any eBay page including listings, search results pages, eBay Stores, the eBay homepage and more. You can even geo-target links, so if someone from another country clicks on your affiliate link, s/he will automatically be directed to their home country’s eBay site (when applicable).

3) Smart Links - When you want to quickly convert all the eBay links on a page or even throughout your website to EPN affiliate links, the Smart Links tool allows you to generate JavaScript code to pop between the <head></head> tags of the web page(s) and voilà! All eBay links on the page or throughout your site are now your affiliate links.

4) Promotions and Sales Portal: If you have a site that is dependent on timely content and opportunities – for example, a “Deal of the Day” site – then you’ll want to live on our Promotions and Sales Portal. Here you’ll easily find and create links to the best promotions, events and deals across eBay. Currently this tool is available in six countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.


Visual content packs a major punch – in fact, research shows that using visuals online will get up to 94% more views. Since our brains are wired to respond to images, it makes sense to include eye-grabbing creative in your online marketing. We make it easy for you to add attractive, professional graphics with turnkey creative options that link to eBay with your custom URLs.

5) Creative Generator: Choose from a variety of colorful, attention-getting ad units (logo, banner, flash, video) in several categories (i.e. seasonal, popular, Daily Deals, fashion, Motors) that will make your site look great while also enticing your visitors to click through to eBay.

6) Smart Placements:  This is a relatively new tool for EPN affiliates to take advantage of, created to replace the Custom Banner. Based on a keyword that you specify, Smart Placements allows you to generate customized ad units that display live eBay listings. All you need to do is add a line of JavaScript to your site in order to use this powerful tool. Please note that Smart Placements is currently available for the US site and in all EPN support languages.

These six tools offer a range of options for beginners through more advanced affiliate marketers. You can access them all through the EPN Portal, and also be sure to read the easy instructions and tips for best uses on the Affiliate Marketing section of our website.

Here’s to your affiliate marketing success!

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