EPN TV: Best Practices for Promoting eBay Globally

Partners often ask us how they can increase their commission potential. One way to expand your reach is to make sure you’re appealing to a global audience. As John Toskey explains in this episode of EPN TV, since 57% of eBay’s revenue comes from outside the US, there is a big opportunity to drive buyers from around the world, while providing them with a highly relevant experience.

When you join EPN, you’re instantly eligible to earn commissions by driving traffic to any of eBay’s 13 global websites in a variety of languages and locales. John says that eBay’s top markets are the US, Germany, UK, Italy, Australia, France and Spain, and we are seeing more opportunities to drive new or reactivated eBay buyers (and earn the 100% new buyer bonus!) in our French, Italian and Spanish markets.  

So how can you start? John introduces the idea of using geo-targeting, which is a feature that’s built-in to several of our tools. This feature automatically identifies the location of your visitor, and redirects them to their local eBay site.  

For example, John explains what could happen when a visitor from the UK visits a website created by an affiliate in the U.S. When the visitor clicks on a geo-targeted eBay affiliate link, they’d be automatically directed to ebay.co.uk rather than ebay.com. To use geo-targeting, simply select this option when you see it in a tools setup, such as the Link Generator or the Creative Generator.

John says you should also research global buying trends to learn the differences between markets, and to see which products or brands are popular in the markets where your traffic is coming from. One resource is explore.ebay.com, which can help you stay current with items that are trending on eBay in the US, Australia, Germany and the UK.  

Because shoppers are more likely to buy from their own country’s site, John says that catering to specific markets and directing visitors to their local site can help you increase conversions as you expand your reach.

Do you have any questions about geo-targeting or expanding your global reach? Let us know in the comments below!