EPN TV: John Toskey addresses your questions

One of our partners recently opened a thread on the EPN forum, asking, “If you had 10 minutes with John Toskey, what would you suggest?” In this episode of EPN TV, John addresses several of those topics.

First, John provides additional insight into the tracking issues that we faced in 2016. He says these arose from dealing with the challenges of outdated, disparate systems between eBay and our third party certified partners. John says that this year, we’ve committed a dedicated team to overhaul our tracking system, which will also ensure that we can deliver more reliable, faster reporting. 

Several partners also mentioned bugs in specific tools.  We understand this is frustrating, and John says we have two paths to solve this. First, we’re moving some tools from old, legacy code to our new, faster code base. In addition, our team is creating new, faster tools to replace those that no longer work well for our partners. We want to eliminate any bugs you may find in any of our existing tools, so please email epn-cs-english@ebay.com if you identify one.

Next, John addresses our recent rate card update. He explains that while EPN is one of the largest paid marketing channels at eBay, we do have competitive pressure to outperform eBay’s other marketing channels to retain and grow our budget. This means that in order to make EPN beneficial to our affiliates and other stakeholders, we have to focus on driving incremental business to eBay. John says that one way to do this is to encourage our partners to enact strategies that help both of us grow year over year.

In that spirit, John says we’re also working on providing more guidance for struggling or new partners, which was also mentioned in the forum thread. New optimization and how-to articles, videos and webinars are published regularly here, and we have even more content planned for the second half of this year. Additionally, we’ve introduced Insiders as an educational community. John says we are also investing in our customer service for more account-specific needs, and have created new roles for team members to offer more personal guidance.

We view EPN as a two-way partnership and truly value your feedback. When you succeed, we succeed, and vice versa. If you have any additional suggestions for John and the rest of our team, please leave them in the comments below.

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