EPN TV: John Toskey Discusses the New EPN Blog

You’ve probably noticed that our website has a new look, and since you’re reading this – congrats on finding our new blog! We moved it to a new URL so that it’s better integrated within our website, and easier for you to quickly access.  

Our blog may have a new home, but as John Toskey says in this episode of EPN TV, we’re still publishing the helpful content you expect to see from us. If you visit our blog regularly, you know that we cover topics like optimization tips, publisher stories, program news and - of course - EPN TV episodes.

John and the rest of our team want to know if you’re finding our blog posts helpful, and what else you’d like to see here. What topics do you wish we covered more often, and would you like to share your expertise by contributing a guest post? Let us know in the comments below.

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