Update regarding Facebook Boosted Posts

In response to several questions about our policies when it comes to using EPN with Facebook, particularly as it relates to “boosted posts”, we would like to provide the following update:

Our policy still prohibits “Direct Linking”, meaning the act of sending users directly from links and ads served by ad networks to eBay’s sites. In other words, publishers who advertise on networks such as Google or Bing are not allowed to link and send users directly to eBay but instead must direct users to the publishers’ own sites or pages and only from there, via EPN links on those sites or pages, direct users to eBay (see the Code of Conduct, section II I). EPN has this rule in place to help ensure transparency on the origin of traffic coming to eBay and to help preserve an intuitive and positive customer experience.

However, after a thorough internal review and discussion, we’ve decided to make an exception to our prohibition of Direct Linking to allow direct links to eBay in a “boosted post” on Facebook.  

The user experience for this type of ad is different than in a traditional ad network. When a “boosted post” appears in a Facebook user’s feed, the experience is seamless, intuitive, and positive. The format of “boosted posts” are distinguishable and recognizable in a Facebook user’s feed. Typically, they include the word “Sponsored” in the post. On the Facebook platform, the “boosted post” essentially serves as a “satellite” page for that publisher, so the experience of linking from that post to eBay is acceptable. Finally, the Facebook platform provides certain protections such that EPN is comfortable with the transparency and security in place. 

Consequently, we will be modifying our Network Agreement to create an exception to the Direct Linking prohibition to permit linking from a “boosted post” on Facebook . Moreover, we continue to commit to periodically evaluate new use cases, particularly ones created by new uses on social platforms, to ensure that our policies are relevant and up-to-date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Support at epn-cs-english@ebay.com.

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