Expert Tips on How to Boost Facebook Posts for Maximum Exposure on a Minimal Budget

Now that EPN allows direct affiliate links from a boosted Facebook post to eBay, we wanted to share some insights and strategies to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Boosting a post on your Facebook business page can help you reach just the right niche audience with just the right content. When done correctly, it can be a smart, strategic, budget-conscious way to maximize your reach on a minimal budget.

But before you hit that “boost post” button at the bottom right-hand corner of a post, there are a few things to consider so you can get the biggest bang for your boosting buck.

Here are a few best practices for boosting affiliate marketing posts on Facebook:

1) Use Insights to figure out which posts are best to boost.

One of the great things about Facebook is that it’s easy to tell which posts resonate – and which don’t – via your Insights button. Your goal is to find the posts with affiliate links that you’ve already shared that have done well for you organically, or hedge your bets by figuring out which general types of posts perform best for your page overall. Then, boost the post you create after it’s published.

Start on your Facebook page. At the top right-hand of the page, click on the downward arrow and select your business account. Then click on Insights at the top of your Facebook business page, find the “posts” button on the left hand side of the page, and click on it.

Next, click on the “Reach” tab – this will put your posts in order with greatest organic reach at the top.

Pick posts that include affiliate links that have achieved the greatest reach without any money behind them -- that means your fans found them most engaging or they benefited from the Facebook algorithm.  And now you’re being strategic by selecting the posts that have the best chance of performing well once boosted.

Facebook also sends you notifications when you have a post that’s doing especially well that they think is worthy of boosting. Don’t just take the bait, though - be sure it’s something that you think will work well and meet your goals when pushed out to a wider audience.

If you want to try boosting a new post, you can use Insights to help you figure out which kind of post performs best on your page by clicking on “Post Types” at the top of the “Posts” page. 

Once you’ve created and published the new post, you can boost it with the knowledge that you’re choosing to promote the type of content that connects best with your audience.

2) Specify the right audience for your promotion.

 Once you’ve figured out which posts you want to boost, you can push the “Boost post” button under the “Promote” tab in the far right.

From there, a pop-up window will give you options to add a button (i.e., shop now, learn more, etc.) and pick your audience. While it might seem intuitive to just click on “People who like your page,” your fans aren’t necessarily your best audience to promote your content to. First off, they may well have already seen your post in their timelines, and may have clicked on the affiliates link you’ve included.

Try taking this opportunity instead to send your promotion out to a new audience by selecting, “People you choose through targeting.” Facebook gives four ways to qualify your audience for a boosted post, so be sure you’ve done some prep work. Think about the people who are most likely to click on the link on your post. How would you describe them? Where do they live? How old are they? What do they do for a job? This is your target audience. 

Next, click on “edit” in order to choose your target audience based on location, age, gender, and interests. The more niche you can make it, the more likely you are to get your boosted post seen by people who are the most likely to engage with it.

3) Keep in mind…

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when boosting posts:

●      Minimum budget is $1/day -- if you’re just testing the waters, shoot for $3-$5 to get a decent reach.

●      If your content is timely, only boost it for a few days. If it’s evergreen or you know it works particularly well for you, a week may be a good option.

●      As with Facebook ads, only 20% of the graphic in the promoted post can contain text.

●      If you’re including people who like your page in your audience, be careful about boosting too much, too often. That makes it easy for people to ignore or worse, get annoyed and unfollow your page. A good rule of thumb is no more than one boosted post per week.

●      Make sure you review the results summary that Facebook provides. It will recap how many people you reached, the engagement rate, and how much you spent. If you’ve tried several boosted posts but aren’t getting the business results you need, then even a low budget may be a waste of money.

●      Assuming your boosted posts do well, then as Facebook encourages, use the results to keep connecting with people on the platform that matter most to your business.

Boosting can be a great way to complement and expand the organic social reach you get on Facebook. Take advantage of this promotional opportunity that’s now available to our partners and try boosting your best posts!

Additional information: Facebook Help Center: Boost Your Posts 

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