How eBay’s New Look Delivers More Customers and Earnings for Affiliates

Last night eBay tipped off its new brand platform - “Fill Your Cart With Color” - to more than 19 million viewers during the NBA Finals. As a valued member of our family, you might be wondering how this exciting, fresh approach to our online shopping experience will affect your bottom line.

We know that today’s hyper-connected consumers expect customized shopping experiences, fast shipping, competitive prices, and unique items that speak to their interests. In response to these ever-evolving demands, we’ve worked hard to restructure our more than 1.1 billion listings so that online shoppers get a more product-based, personalized experience. In the past year, for example, we’ve rolled out a re-imagined and responsive homepage focused on capturing quality traffic and driving conversions, as well as eBay ShopBot- a personalized shopping assistant that helps your audience find the best deals on eBay from around the world.

Our promise to eBay customers and to you, our partners, is to provide the best inventory, price and relevance across the shoppable web. This new tech and AI, combined with our breadth of inventory, is another step towards this promise.

What this means to you:

You’ll be better able to deliver product offerings that are most relevant to your audience in a way that is most desirable to them.

  • Our new design focuses on a conversion-based search and browsing experience.

  • We’ve optimized mobility for a more convenient experience for the shopper on the go.

  • We now offer guaranteed delivery for customers in the U.S., with items arriving in 3 days or less and many with free shipping. We’ve also added new merchant partnerships for exclusive commissionable deals.

  • New search results pages make items easier to discover, so if your buyers aren’t taken to the exact product they’re looking for, they’ll see other highly relevant items – and you’ll still get commissions simply by directing them to eBay.

  • In addition, we are strategically expanding the business with new categories (e.g. eBay Wine) – and new services (e.g. eBay Motors – Tire Installation).

We were the first consumer-selling platform on the Internet and we’re still the biggest. Our goal is to share with you the benefit of our enormous breadth and depth of product offerings, reimagined to deliver exactly what your visitors want, when they want it.

Click here to read the full press release on eBay’s new brand position, and stay tuned for some new creative that you’ll be able to use.

Let us know in the comments what you think about our new “Fill Your Cart with Color” brand platform and the opportunities for you and your audience.

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