Use These URL Shorteners to Share Affiliate Links


Updated 4/13/2018

Did you know that you can use approved link shortening services to cut the URL clutter from the affiliate links you share on social media platforms? By using one of EPN’s vetted and approved URL shortening services, you can share short links while ensuring that you’re receiving commissions for sales that are tracked from click to completion.

In order to comply with EPN’s Network Agreement, the URL shortening services that are currently permitted are:

Please note that while Google’s URL shortening service,, was approved for use by partners, as of 4/13/18, Google is discontinuing it for anonymous users and anyone who has never used their link shortener before. Going forward, we recommend that you do not use for shortening eBay affiliate links.

If you are a current user of, per Google: “If you have existing short links, you can continue to use all features of console for a period of one year, until March 30, 2019, when we will discontinue the console. You can manage all your short links and their analytics through the console during this period.” FYI, existing links will continue to redirect to their intended locations.

Hootsuite’s and Buffer’s are newer additions, while Bitly was recently added back into our list of approved services. These specific shorteners were selected because they rank highly in terms of trustworthiness and transparency.

Shortening with Bitly gives you the added benefit of brand recognition: Links from most eBay pages will produce a short link that begins with “”.

For example, if you paste:

…into the link shortening box at, you’d get:

…which is much more visually appealing, and directs your visitors to your desired location, with EPN affiliate tracking intact. The other services work in the same manner, but links will begin with “” or the respective shortlink. Any of these shorteners can be used on Twitter ( or Facebook.

We place a high value in the trust and integrity of our network, and each of these services was tested to ensure proper attribution. We continue to take redirection and cloaking very seriously, but also acknowledge the importance of URL shorteners, particularly in social promotion.

If there’s a particular shortener that’s not on this list but that you would like permission to use, please contact us at, as we’ll re-evaluate this list periodically.

Do you have any questions about URL shorteners? Let us know in the comments below.

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