EPN TV: The Evolution of eBay

In this episode of EPN TV, John Toskey discusses some of the recent eBay initiatives. He says you may have noticed some of these changes already: a more personalized shopping experience, an updated brand look and quicker shipping options. 

eBay has been working to re-platform and leverage new online shopping technologies. John says that by restructuring eBay’s catalog into a more product-based experience, visitors can expect to get a more relevant, persistent and personalized experience.

John also mentions the new search results pages, which make items easier to discover. This means that if your buyers aren’t taken to the exact product they’re seeking, they’ll still see other highly relevant options – so you still earn affiliate commissions when directing them to eBay. While much of this restructuring is happening behind the scenes, John also points out some of the more visible results: For example, eBay’s homepage is powered by this restructuring, so visitors get an entry point that’s tailored to their interests.

Another new feature John highlights is Guaranteed Shipping. Beginning later this summer, customers in the U.S. will be able to get guaranteed delivery in 3 days or less on 20 million items on eBay. They’ll also be able to search and filter for items by 1- and 2-day delivery time. John says this should help your visitors be confident that they’ll receive the exact item they want, when they want it. In addition, eBay’s new Price Match Guarantee is also meant to help make sure your visitors get the price they’re looking for, so they complete the sale on eBay.

Along with these experiential updates, John says that eBay’s brand image is evolving to more clearly differentiate us as a brand that is globally consistent, relevant and vibrant. He also says that we want to help you enable your audience to express themselves while finding great value across our unmatched spectrum of products.

Communicating the advantages of today’s eBay to your customers can help instill a sense of trust and preference so that you can earn even more with EPN. Let us know what you think of these updates and what else you’d like to see in the comments below.