eBay Partner Network Launches Our Newest International Site: Australia


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest international eBay Partner Network website: Australia!

This is great news not just for our Aussie partners, but EPN as a whole. Consider adding Australia to your revenue stream, where eBay is considered the #1 most influential online retail brand and 50% of the entire Australia population who shopped online last year bought something from ebay.com.au.

Here are some other fun eBay Australia facts:

  • eBay Australia launched way back in 1999, and today there are 11.3M unique visitors to the website per month (more than any other online retailer on the continent)
  • Australians spent 448 million hours shopping on eBay last year
  • A car part is purchased every 4 seconds, a piece of jewelry is purchased every 14 seconds, and a smartphone every minute
  • Ninety-percent (90%) of the 100 million listings are brand new
  • Over 70% of items purchased are delivered free
  • 80 of the largest 100 Australian retailers are on eBay, offering brands you know and love, 24/7
  • More than 2,000 Australians have made more than $1 million in sales on eBay since it launched
  • More than 40,000 Australian small businesses depend on eBay, and approximately 90% of the small and medium businesses export to over 150 countries

Just think about it: when you combine ebay.com.au with EPN, you’ve got one of the largest affiliate program in Australia, covering almost every merchandise vertical imaginable, and offering exceptionally competitive commissions.

Keep in mind that Australia’s peak shopping seasons are similar to those in North America and Europe, and many of the top categories – including fashion, electronics, and automotive – are the same Down Under as well.  (Be sure to check out this recent EPN TV episode on the best practices for promoting eBay globally.)

Congratulations to our Australian team on the successful launch of the new EPN Australia website. If you have questions or just want to say g’day to your Australian EPN counterparts, feel free to comment below!

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