How to Attract Buyers Who Come Back for More


Earn double commissions when you convert high quality buyers.

Winning customers is only half the battle. On top of paying you commissions for qualified transactions, we also reward you with a bonus for converting high quality buyers. Here’s how it works: For all qualified sales you drive that were completed by shoppers who haven’t bought on eBay in 12 months or longer before clicking on your link, you receive double commissions. It’s that simple.

Partner Spotlight: 55Haitao

By studying their visitors’ social media influencers, pin-pointing preferred product attributes, and presenting their affiliate links in an editorial format, eBay partner 55Haitao converted over 6x more new or reactivated buyers, and increased their earnings by 145% month-over-month.

In addition to becoming more familiar with your audience like 55Haitao, you can also take these 6 incredibly effective actions today to successfully convert more double-commissionable traffic:

  1. Meet the buyers at the beginning of their journey by showing up where they search. Here, we provide a quick list of fail-proof SEO best practices. If you’re new to the world of SEO, refer to this this Beginner’s Guide from our friends at Moz.
  2. Leverage the shareability of social media to get in front of more shoppers. You can experience up to 3 times as much in-feed visibility with Facebook Live, or try Instagram stories to establish transparency. Use a Facebook pixel to retarget website visitors. For more social media tips, click here.

3. Email marketing is one of most efficient ways to reactivate dormant buyers. Create a list of visitors who haven’t clicked to purchase in a while (or ever). Send them a targeted email campaign with best-of-web discounts from eBay Deals.

a. There are more email marketing tools available today than ever. Choose the one that’s best for you. To view Business News Daily’s top picks for 2017, click here.

4. Promote new categories you historically haven’t presented to your audience. For example, if your website primarily features Home and Garden- try highlighting Fashion pages on your site. Review the various category pages here. Keep in mind that we also help you stay ahead of major retail seasons like Holiday and Back-to-School, as well as big brand launches (iPhone 8, Google Home, etc.) so that you can earn from the early shopping crowds


5. Provide your audience with an incentive to make a purchase. Cash back, giveaways and/or credits are great ways to convert quickly. For example, you could provide an eBay gift card, and users can apply the credit to purchase one of your promoted listings!

6. Place the creatives that we custom-design for you strategically on your website. Cater to natural eye movement by adding logos in the upper left corner, and use banners to organize your content- not obstruct it. Read this blog post for more guidance.


While taking the above steps to convert more bonus-worthy buyers, keep an eye on your Transaction Download Report (TDR). This robust report places critical information at your fingertips, and equips you with visibility into which categories, pages and listings are producing the most high quality buyers.

Enjoy earning your bonuses! If you have any questions or feedback, we’re here to help. Email us anytime at

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