The 50 Gifts That Will Top Your Buyers’ Holiday Shopping Lists and the New eBay Destination Hosting Them All

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Pomsies, LEGO and Air Hog Supernova predicted as top gift picks; L.O.L. Surprise Dolls and Hatchimals continue to trend; tech, STEM and video games prove red-hot; all are available in Toytopia

The top 50 most anticipated toys for the 2018 holiday season are here and ready for you to begin earning with now. From Fortnite Monopoly to FurReal Munchin’ Rex and everything in between, eBay’s 2018 predictions feature this season's hottest picks based on trending toy data and selected by eBay’s team of toy experts.

“We’ve looked at our recent sales data and industry trends to share the top toys for this holiday season, ensuring shoppers find the perfect gift for every child’s wishlist,” said Michael Mosser, eBay’s General Manager of Lifestyle, Media and Toys. “The top 50+ most in-demand trends span categories from hot toy sets, surprise dolls, action figures and furry friends, with some standout newcomers stealing the show as instant hits for the season.”

The 50+ Hottest Toys of the Season

We have your entire audience covered. The toys on the 2018 hot list include the season’s must-have items, whether that’s dolls and building sets based on favorite movie characters, new takes on robotics and imaginative play, tiny toys with surprise reveals, disgustingly awesome toys with a “gross-out factor,” or new takes on board and card games. 

 Our predictions for the best-selling toys this year are (in alphabetical order):

Additionally, we are excited to share with you Toytopia, the ultimate destination for every child’s wishlist. With millions of toys – from the new and impossible-to-find, to classics for kids of all ages – Toytopia is an unrivaled selection across action figures, dolls, STEM toys, family games, trains and more. Consider it your very own North Pole that also happens to be right at your fingertips.

To leverage Toytopia in your campaigns, we suggest you select specific products (perhaps from the list above) or sub-categories your audience may be looking for. If most of your buyers are shopping for children of a consistent age range, you can promote gifts for specific age groups, or filter by interests, such as Disney, superheroes or Star Wars. Of course, you can always point your audience to the Toytopia homepage:


Regardless of which page you choose to land your traffic on, we recommend two ways to get them there: custom partner creatives and/or Smart Share

  1. Custom-built banner ads are available for Toytopia in our Creatives Gallery. Simply right click the image you want to use, select “Save As”, and hyperlink with a personalized tracking link when you’re ready to publish.

  2. Promote top products, subcategories and interest pages as you discover them with Smart Share. Simply add the Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, and when you find a page to promote, click the extension. Your personalized link will be automatically generated and you can share it directly to social media or copy the link to paste on the other channels you use to drive buyers.

Coming soon: In addition to the top 50 toys, our panel of experts are sharing an inside look at the top 10 trends for the holiday season, based on eBay data and expert opinions. Stay tuned for our deep dive into the toy crystal ball next week.

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