Custom and Responsive Sizing Options Now Available for Smart Placements’ Intelligent Banner Ads


We’re excited to introduce you to the new Custom Size option and responsive capabilities of Smart Placements, which enable you to make each banner the perfect size for you. Recently enhanced with contextual recognition and keyword fallback logic, now you can also customize the size of your banner in order to better match the layout of your site. 

Available for horizontal or vertical units, you can now adjust Smart Placements’ dimensions from your own site to ensure it is the perfect size and shape for exactly where your visitors will be seeing each banner.

This new option is found alongside the other three sizes available in the Smart Placements’ configuration hub in the portal. To use the Custom Size option, you will need to add a DIV with width and height to the Smart Placements code that you’ll be adding to your site. Please use following format to test the option on your webpage:

<div width=x height=y>

<ins class="epn-placement" data-config-id="your config id"></ins>



If you aren’t up for editing the code of the banner on your site, no problem. To improve how the predefined sizes fit within your webpage parameters, we’ve also expanded the flexibility of the horizontal pixel option with responsive capability.  

If your website has been built with a responsive design, the 900X220 size will now adapt to your webpage’s container up to a maximum width of 900 pixels and a minimum height of 220 pixels.

Your visitors will be able to see the products in the banner with adding scrolling features when needed. It will adjust down to 220 pixels before the banner is cropped.

In October 2017, Smart Placements made its initial debut as the first product to leverage machine-learning on behalf of eBay partners. Its retargeting technology updates the products displayed in the banner in real-time to match each of your visitors’ individual activity on eBay. Since its launch, the solution has been upgraded to make your life easier with time-saving contextual recognition capabilities which display products that best match the pre-existing text and images on your site. Additionally, we’ve added keyword fallback logic so that you never have to worry about your banners being blank due to insufficient keyword results.

Start using Smart Placements now. To learn more about how it works, review our FAQs and this handy Quick Start Guide. To learn how to edit your banner ads’ keywords and categories from your own site, read this guide. If you have any questions, email us anytime at