Our Newest, Smartest Tools Just Got an Upgrade to Help You Drive Traffic and Sales During Holiday and Into 2019


The tools available to our partners are growing and getting smarter everyday. Even if we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, the tools in the EPN Smart Suite of solutions can!

Below you’ll find a list of our most popular tools and reports as well as their recent upgrades. We’re all about helping you make intelligent choices when it comes to what to promote, where to promote it, and to whom. 

Smart Placements

Original Tool: Smart Placements’ auto-optimization and contextual targeting banner ads identify and track your visitors as they enter your site and automatically update the items displayed to match each individual’s browsing history. With the same retargeting signals that eBay uses in other marketing channels, you can rest easy and focus on what matters as your online real estate re-optimizes with every new page viewer. Learn more about Smart Placements.

Upgraded! Now includes customizable sizing options to seamlessly fit into the design of your site. Learn more about customizing ads for your site.

Smart Share

Original Tool: Smart Share gives you the convenience of promoting items as you browse eBay, outside of the eBay Partner Network (EPN) portal. Learn more about Smart Share.

New and Improved! Now includes a Deal Flag so you'll always know which deals are commissionable on the eBay Deals pages in the US and Canada. Get strategic about what you show shoppers and boost your earnings by only promoting items that are commissionable. Remember to enable the Deal Flag option. Learn more about the new Deal Flag.

Transaction Download Report (TDR)

Original Report: The TDR gives you everything you need from click to conversion to see if what you’re promoting is resonating with your audience and which items, categories, and brands give you the biggest bump in commissions. Learn more about the TDR.

What questions should you be asking when looking at the TDR?

●      Are there certain categories that sell the best?

●      Which types of items generate the most earnings?

●      Are there certain times of day that clicks are more likely to lead to transactions. 

New Data Point! The TDR is always a treasure chest of actionable data, but now we’ve added in the “Transaction Timestamp” field so you can see how quickly your shoppers buy after clicking.

IMPORTANT: Remember the transaction window is 24 hours after the click. This additional data point might push you to add in a campaign designed to decrease the time between initial click and conversion. Get a jumpstart on reporting.

And there you have it! Our three newest updates, all wrapped up for the holidays and beyond. Using these tools will help you amp up your earnings by promoting items and displaying ads that fit seamlessly into your site, resonate with your audience, and improve conversion.