What You Need to Know About the April 2018 eBay Category Changes


In order to keep improving the eBay customer experience and foster a more intuitive shopping journey for your audience, we periodically update our categories. Currently, we’re transitioning many categories to a product-based retail experience where all listings for the same product are grouped together.

As a result, several categories have been revised, added and removed. If you have campaigns that promote listings in the following categories impacted by these changes, eBay will automatically move those listings to the most relevant category for you.


Business & Industrial

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories


Dolls & Bears

Health & Beauty

Home & Garden


Sporting Goods

Toys & Hobbies

“Best fit” categories for best conversions

Single-category listing is a standard retail practice, so we are encouraging sellers to list their items in one “best fit” category rather than multiple categories to help your audience get exactly what they want at the right price with a minimum number of clicks between your site and checkout.

Please note that most of these changes impact sub-categories and may lead to a different set of results based on the same Category ID.  Just in case, be sure to review these changes and decide if it makes sense for you to make updates to your category choices in your existing links, tools, widgets, feeds and/or API calls.

While you’re thinking about categories, now is a great time to get inspiration from our “What to Feature” by categories pages, which you can use to to discover seasonal items, unique inventory, and promotional events from a specific product category, or use them as a landing page for an evergreen campaign promoting eBay as a destination to shop for a category. Not sure which categories are most relevant for your visitors? Check out “5 Surefire Strategies to Identify Your Target Audience & Increase Your Traffic” to learn more about who they are and what they are looking for.

And if you have questions, please check out the Category and Classification FAQs, let us know in the comments, or email us at AskEPN@ebay.com.

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