The Secret to Effectively Using eBay Coupons and Promotional Events to Earn More

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You don’t necessarily need statistics to understand how effective coupons and deals are -- more than a quarter of all eBay coupon redemptions in Q1 2018 came from our partners. From Deals sites to major media companies, the following are three smart ways our current partners use eBay coupons to drive revenue.

1) Make it news your readers can use.

CNN leveraged its Underscored channel -- an online shopping guide for the best in style, tech, health and travel -- to drive sales with our recent 15% off sitewide flash coupon.


Here’s how: While the “hot off the presses” angle and limited time offer fuels excitement and urgency, give your shoppers other great reasons to redeem a coupon.

  • Report on exactly why a particular deal is a great offer, such as if it’s best-of-web or if it’s a rare discount for a particular brand in order to prompt click-through. (Note: Thanks to our Price Match Guarantee, all eBay Deals are guaranteed to be unbeatable.)

  • Find out what items are worth to help drive your key points home.

  • Highlight the deal’s expiration date to up the urgency for shoppers to buy it now.

  • Sprinkle in eBay benefits, such as our diverse inventory, top-rated sellers, Guaranteed Delivery, and Buy It Now.

  • Bonus Pro Tip: Build a Smart Placements banner ad with keywords that match items in the promotion to visualize the deals for your visitors. Turn on auto-optimization to make it even more relevant and show each individual user what he or she were most recently viewing on eBay.

2) Build a loyal base of buyers who keep coming back.

Ebates incentivizes shoppers by providing competitive cash-back rates when they buy through Ebates. For example, they recently promoted a 50% coupon and added 2% cash back to make each purchase more compelling.


Here’s how: Take a page out of this successful loyalty site’s playbook, and add an extra incentive to make your audience excited to buy through your site.

  • Although you’re technically sharing your commissions, once your shoppers realize their rewards, your ROI will surge as word spreads and your loyal base grows.

  • The incentive doesn’t have to be cash back. Consider the percentage of eBay revenue that you’ll earn on each sale, and determine a reward that leaves you in the green and your visitors looking forward to shopping with you again.

  • Emphasize your rewards with eye-grabbing graphics. (Research shows that graphics get up to 94% more views.)

  • Bonus Pro Tip: Use Smart Share to create links on the go, quickly. As you generate them to hyperlink into your website, extend your reach by also sharing directly to your Facebook or Pinterest pages.

3) Stay top of mind with email blasts and mobile push notifications for quick conversions.

The app Shopkick takes advantage of being at their users’ fingertips and shares eBay coupons directly to their phones, like this one for the recent 15% off sitewide flash coupon.


Here’s how: As Shopkick demonstrates, push notifications not only capture users’ attention, but when they contain a limited time, irresistible deal, they pull in purchases.

  • Use push notifications to convey a potent sense of urgency, pairing them with deadline-driven copy to close sales quicker.

  • Leverage to reach your audience where they are -- for example, one of our partners drove an extra $200K promoting a coupon in early March solely using Twitter.

  • Use discount details in the leading copy -- whether it’s an email subject line, social post, push notification or any other format.  Keep it clear, concise and easy to access for quick conversion.

eBay has exclusive promotions and best-of-web pricing to help you convert your buyers quickly and effectively. Here are just a few happening now that you can leverage to your earnings advantage:

  • Tax Refund Campaign - Turn your audience’s refunds into revenue through April 29.

  • Health & Fitness Event - Fuel fitness goals and click-through until May 5. (Bonus: All products in this promotion are commissionable).

  • Top Deals for Baby - Earn big when they save big on top brands like Mamas & Papas, Owlet, Graco, 4Moms, Fisher Price and more through May 30.

Keep an eye out for future promotions, like our upcoming coupon launching April 25 that will offer 20% off select purchases of $25+, featuring best selling items in Home & Garden, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel and Collectibles.

To stay on top of the most recent deals, including trending offers, be sure to visit the eBay deals page. Also, be sure to follow us on social media and check out the weekly email digest for up-to-the-minute information on the latest coupons.

Let us know in the comments how you deal with deals to get the most out of discounted pricing on brand names.

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