Meet the Merchandising API: Your Gateway to Higher Revenue per Conversion

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It’s time to uncap your earning potential with the Merchandising API- the simplest way to increase your buyers’ cart sizes and the focus of this installment of our Meet the eBay APIs series.

Once integrated, the Merchandising API enables you to cross-sell and up-sell to your shoppers by providing them with additional product recommendations for them to add to their order. It can be used independently, but when used in combination with the Finding and Shopping APIs, it can create rich, competitive applications.

Designed to help you drive more commissions per sale, this API retrieves valuable, dynamic information about live products and pairs them with your buyers' searches or selection activities in real-time to make relevant purchase suggestions. As a result, you can deliver a personalized shopping experience that simultaneously increases your revenue.

By matching simple inputs, such as a query, an item ID, or a category ID, to user behavior, the Merchandising API returns the following types of merchandise recommendations:

  • Most watched items

  • Related category items

  • Top-selling products

A few different ways eBay partners leverage the Merchandising API:

  • Improving their site experiences: When combined with information from other eBay APIs, Merchandising API data plays an integral part to building complete shopping, buying, or selling applications that elevate the shopping experience for visitors.

  • Offering the best selection: Our product recommendations enhance the eBay inventory your buyers are already considering in the form of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. The getRelatedCategoryItems call, for example, does this well by displaying items related to the specified category or item ID of the product your visitor is viewing.

  • Capturing impulse sales: Spark excitement and prompt action among your audience by showing them what other people who viewed the same products are watching with the getMostWatchedItems call. To also pull in what people are buying or searching for on eBay, you can use the getMerchandisedProducts call of the Buy Marketing API, or the FindPopularItems and FindPopularSearches calls of the Shopping API.

  • Optimizing campaign strategies: The Merchandising API provides data that can help you make the most of eBay’s 1 billion listings. Data about eBay buying habits can inform your decisions about which inventory and price points are best to promote to your buyers. The getMostWatchedItems call provides the current price for the most watched items, which gives you insight into your audience’s spending trends.

The Merchandising API works similarly to other eBay APIs. For example, the Merchandising API uses the same authentication as the Shopping API (you can even use the same AppID).  HTTP POST and HTTP GET methods are both supported and work in SOAP, XML, and name-value (NV) formats.

Please note: Not every feature is supported on every eBay site. See the API documentation for a list of supported sites.

Before you can try any APIs, you’ll need to join the eBay Developer community, which includes over 360,000 members from 190 countries and counting. Membership is free, and you can use virtually any programming language to interface with eBay.

If you’d like to discuss further with a member of the eBay Partnerships team before joining eBay Developers, email us at

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