Meet the Buy APIs: Let Your Visitors Shop, Purchase and Track Orders Without Ever Leaving Your Site

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The focus of this final installment of our series on the 4 Core eBay APIs is our newest and most advanced API suite to date - the eBay Buy APIs. With our Buy APIs, you can create a complete conversion-centric experience in your app or on your site that enables your shoppers to check out and track orders without ever visiting eBay.

Once integrated, you become the new point of sale with a streamlined path to conversion. You can present the most pertinent listings, curate inventory for custom user experiences, increase your buyer’s cart size and expedite checkouts.

This suite contains 4 powerful and complementary RESTful APIs that use OAuth authentication, JSON payloads and eBay HTTP headers.

  1. Meet shoppers’ keyword and category search criteria with the Browse API
  2. Curate, mirror and update inventory with the Feed API
  3. Cross-promote and upsell with the Marketing API
  4. Close the sale right where it started with the Order API

Let’s dive a bit deeper and explore each of these, one-by-one.

1. Give them exactly what they want with the Browse API. Convert visitors based on their specific keyword and category searches, and boost their likelihood of making a purchase with optimized search results further refined by:

●      Product aspects such as Brand and Color (enabling you to surface histograms)

●      Buying options

●      Conditions

●      Listing format

●      Price range

●      UPC value

●      eBay Product ID (EPID)

●      Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

●      Location

●      And more!

By default, their search returns matching items on eBay. Yet, in addition to (or instead of) matching items, you can choose to return the aspects, buying options, conditions and categories of the items found.

Once the shopper has found what they want, you can use the getItem call to show the item’s details that encourage purchasing:

●      Discounts

●      Product reviews

●      Return policy

●      Seller’s feedback score

2. Be platform agnostic with the Feed API. Leverage the depth and breadth of our inventory and create rich shopping experiences with the best of eBay’s 1 billion listings. Leverage the TSV_GZIP feed files of daily newly listed eBay marketplace items across all categories and hourly snapshot files of the items that have changed within the hour, for a specific category and date.

●      Host an ecommerce platform of live listings

●      Enable offline, custom-curation of eBay inventory for your shoppers using any of the 50+ fields returned in the feed files.

●      Pair with the Browse API to get the real-time price, availability and other information.

The list of category IDs for a specific eBay marketplace is available through the Taxonomy API. Currently, the Feed API is only available for the, and marketplaces.

3. Inspire shoppers to spend more with the Marketing API. This API helps increase your commission per checkout by injecting product discovery into your site’s experience based on product demand metrics, such as Best Selling, as well as reviews, context, or where the buyer is in the purchasing process.

●      Highlight the products that are currently the Best Selling on eBay.

●      Cross-promote products that were also purchased and viewed by shoppers who bought those items.

●      Upsell by showing product collections based on demand, product ratings and how other eBay shoppers discovered products.

By introducing your buyers to this inventory, you are prompting them through a step-by-step funnel (Awareness > Comparison > Conversion > Bundling) that will increase your commissions per transaction. You can even build landing page modules with these collections. For more information, see our Buy API requirements.

4. Execute sales on-site with the Order API. Help your buyers over the finish line faster with a truly uninterrupted, seamless shopping experience.

●      The Order API supports secure checkouts for eBay guests with credit card transactions.

●      Your buyers can view order details such as shipment status once the order has been placed.

●      Customer service requests, such as cancellations and refunds, will all be handled by eBay.

In order to process, transmit or store cardholder data, you must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). See our production eligibility requirements for information about production and PCI compliance.

The Browse, Marketing and Feed APIs are available to explore in sandbox or through the API Explorer today for anyone who has an eBay Developer’s account*. For the Order API, please submit a quick and simple application here.

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*If you haven’t yet, you can join the eBay Developer community today, which includes over 360,000 members from 190 countries and counting. Membership is free, and you can use virtually any programming language to interface with eBay.

If you’d like to discuss further with a member of the eBay Partnerships team before joining eBay Developers, email us at

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