New API Releases Announced at eBay Connect to Help You Drive More Revenue


Hosted by the eBay Developers Program, the 2nd Annual eBay Connect conference welcomed over 100 major developers who represent over $5 billion of eBay GMB to learn about our new APIs and more products emerging from our investments in product-based commerce, enhanced payments experiences, OpenAPI and artificial intelligence (AI).


Announcements emerging from the event are making waves, and our very own Partner Success team has the scoop on how you may use these advances to earn more:

●      Integrate with eBay’s image recognition technology with our Image Search API. On the first day of the conference, our partner Wikibuy demonstrated using this API to develop a new “eBay visual search feature” for buyers on its mobile app.

●      Surpass borders with our Machine Translation API. With programmatic access to with eBay’s English-to-Mandarin translation service, it’s never been easier to build localized sites for the Chinese shopping population. Stay tuned: Additional languages are planned for release in the months ahead!

●      Store and synchronize millions of eBay items on your site with the Feed Platform for Buy APIs. This major new capability allows you to curate, mirror and surface eBay inventory at scale.

●      Use our Buy APIs in new markets: Based upon overwhelming feedback and positive results in the US, the eBay Developers Program has rolled out our popular Buy APIs (Feed, Search, Item, Checkout, Order and Marketing) to the UK and Germany, with more geographies coming soon. 

●      Know how your application is performing with our brand new Developer Analytics API. In order to give your users the best experience, you can now check rate limits and API usage for both an application and for individual users.

●      For vetted partners, we are also unveiling a couple of Limited Release* APIs, such as our new Marketplace Insights and the Remote Shopping Cart API. To learn more about these, visit the eBay Developer Knowledge Base.

For information about our various API launch stages, click here.

In the first half of 2018 alone, external developers used our public APIs to drive more than $94.6B GMV globally. Before you can try any APIs, you’ll need to join the eBay Developer community alongside over 200 of the largest members of the eBay Partner Network.

Membership is free, and you can use virtually any programming language to interface with eBay. Program in C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic or another language. Click here to join the eBay Developers Program now.

In our commitment to technical innovation, deep support of the developer community, and dedication to promoting your efficiency and productivity, our two groups frequently collaborate on a variety of initiatives to modernize our API platform. If you have any questions about these announcements, the eBay Developer Program, or or how you can apply them to enhance your earnings, please email us at

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