Beat Your Competitors with eBay’s New Best Price Guarantee- No Membership Required and No Summer Blackouts

Best Price Guarantee covers more than 100,000 trending products with 110% of the price difference on eBay Deals and Top Products

Best Price Guarantee covers more than 100,000 trending products with 110% of the price difference on eBay Deals and Top Products

Grow your loyal customer base by backing your campaigns with our new Best Price Guarantee (BPG). Under this latest brand promise, we will pay your shoppers 110% of the price difference if they find items for less on another retailer’s website.

Replacing our current price match offering, BPG instills confidence in your shoppers by guaranteeing that they will get the lowest price online when they come to you for eBay’s best inventory.

The best part: No membership is required. BPG ensures that you are promoting the best deal on eBay’s most popular items to your buyers at no extra cost to you or your audience.

It’s simple: If your buyers find an item available for less on a competitor’s website, they can contact customer service within 48 hours of their original purchase on eBay, and we will issue a coupon for 110% of the difference that can be used on  

How does this impact your earnings? It doesn’t! Commissions are based on final value fees, which are calculated on the sale price (and never impacted by how your buyer paid for the item). So whether your buyer uses a coupon for this or future purchases, it won't change how much you earn per transaction.

And, there aren’t any blackout dates this summer. As Scott Cutler, eBay’s Senior Vice President, Americas, explains, “Customers can enjoy the best prices every day, with no blackouts on price-matching throughout the summer.”  

Items qualifying for the Best Price Guarantee are:

  • Any product that displays the Best Price Guarantee badge, including the Top 20 best selling products across thousands of categories as well any item in our eBay Deals program.*

  • Eligible items must be available from an approved competitor, including,,,,,,, and

  • Both items (listed on eBay and the approved competitor’s website) should be exactly the same and currently in stock.

*Unlike other retailers, eBay Deals are available to your entire audience and always ship for free every day – no membership required. Featuring top-selling inventory across all categories at usually between 20% and 80% off, there are tens of thousands of trending products offered through eBay Deals at any given time. ‘Featured deals’, which are displayed on the homepage of our Deals site, are updated at least once a day starting at 8 a.m. PT.

More than a quarter of all eBay coupon redemptions in Q1 2018 came from you, our partners. From Deals sites to hybrid media companies and loyalty apps, current partners shared detailed examples of the smart ways they use eBay coupons to drive revenue here.

If you have any questions about how this new brand promise works to help you increase conversions, let us know! Email us anytime at

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