Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing: Real-Life Stories, Part 4

In the fourth post in this series, we’re continuing to share stories about how some of our partners got into affiliate marketing. We asked members of our Insiders community how and why they began, how they learned what to do to be successful, and what they wish they’d known from the start. Here’s what they had to say!

“Over ten years ago, we came up with the idea to search for all auctions that were still at $1, and only had one hour left on eBay. We planned to keep the information to ourselves, but after realizing that there were often over 20,000 auctions meeting the criteria, we decided to start Lastminute Auction.

“We signed up with eBay's affiliate program when it was still part of Commission Junction. Our site got picked up by the popular German newspaper Bild and made us famous! Our site has been successful ever since.”

-       Juergen Horn and Michael Powell,

“I started back when I started my blog, and I didn't have much success until I joined an Etsy affiliate program, as that was where almost all of my readership shopped. I still enjoy great success with them but have also been including eBay links throughout the blog slowly but surely. I plan on taking a course in affiliate marketing to really boost my game this year. I've been watching webinars and reading blogs about affiliate marketing. I know that just link dropping on my blog is not going to cut it and hope to make a real impact through my newsletter and social media, with affiliate links included.”

-       Claire, Heart Handmade UK

"I got started in affiliate marketing when I realized that I could monetize my passion (vintage cameras). I had pretty good traffic going to the content on my website, so I decided to make use of it. eBay is one of the best places to find vintage cameras, so signing up for EPN was a no-brainer!"

-       Ivan Lo,

"My start in affiliate marketing was as a brand ambassador for an up-and-coming phone case company, Lunatic. From there, I was hooked! I was able to become an Amazon Associate, promoting deals on electronics and accessories on a WordPress site that I developed. Commissions were steady, but then Louisiana decided to impose an Amazon tax and just like that, no more affiliates in the state. The EPN program is new to me, but I am eager to become informed. I am continuously adapting, as we all are, learning site development and SEO. I just wish I would have started sooner!"

-       Clint Loggins,

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