Your Guide to the Green: How to Leverage Last Minute Shoppers on What We Dubbed “Green Monday”

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In 2007, our data revealed a key trend in holiday shopping behavior that has since opened up a galaxy of opportunity for leveraging last-minute holiday shopping.

The biggest shopping day of the year wasn’t Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Instead, it was found to be the second Monday in December (this year: December 11th), which we dubbed “Green Monday,” because it’s always a crucial, strong day for earning, and also because research shows that shopping online is more eco-friendly than buying from bricks-and-mortar stores. In fact, US News & World Report predicts this Green Monday, which is a day before Hanukkah starts and exactly two weeks before Christmas – will be the next biggest shopping day after Cyber 5, as it  yielded a whopping $1.621 billion in online sales in 2016.

Green Monday 2017 is closely followed by two more retail powerhouse moments on December 15th: Free Shipping Day, and the international release date of the eagerly anticipated film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Considering that Christmas falls on a Monday this year, conditions are especially favorable for you to finish the season with especially strong earnings.

Here’s the inside scoop and tips to help you bring in the green by sending traffic our way from Green Monday on!

Deals will be launching on eBay every hour just like they did on Cyber Monday.

Go for the green: Use our customizable RSS Feed Generator to pull in the best deals for both your audience and for you; filter by commissionable deals, occurrence, listing date, price, and more.


Star Wars will be EVERYWHERE, and it appeals to every generation, from nostalgic Boomers to GenX, Millennials and tiny tots.

Go for the green: Easily customize your Smart Placements banner ads using Star Wars and other trending items as keywords.


Free Shipping Day is more like free shipping week on eBay.

Go for the green: Millions of items on eBay already ship free; Guaranteed Delivery is the promise that ensures 23+ million items will deliver in three or less days. Mention this eBay promise in your content to boost your visitors’ confidence as they click-through to buy.

The hottest holiday items will be nearly impossible to find – except on eBay.

Go for the green: Do a special Green Monday promotion on your blog, social channels, emails, etc. that shines a spotlight on the scarcest, most in-demand items from the Trending Items page -- like LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon, now selling for as much as $1,729.


Green Monday’s deals present a major opportunity for you to rake in the greenbacks and help ensure a profitable holiday season. When it comes to affiliate marketing, regardless of if you’re a Jedi master or just a padawan, we’re here to help. Leave us a comment or email us at if you have questions. 

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