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eBay's Top Categories: Best Practices for Promoting eBay Fashion

eBay's Top Categories: Best Practices for Promoting eBay Fashion

With over 26.5 million active buyers in the US alone, eBay Fashion is the ultimate destination for your buyers to explore, experiment and snag the hottest looks right now. In the first quarter 2018, a watch was sold every 5 seconds, a pair of women’s shoes every 6 seconds, and a handbag every 11 seconds.

Guest Post: Get Inspired to Create Great Fashion Content

We all know ‘content is king’ - but where do we start? Especially when it comes to Fashion, content seems to be even more important than in many other verticals. Readers want to have as much information as possible. Who’s wearing what? What’s on trend? Where can I get this dress? I really want a bargain!

However, we all tend to be very busy and sometimes thinking of ideas for content can be somewhat of a drag. In the hopes of offering some inspiration, here are some quick and easy content ideas:

eBay Item of the Week

Pick an item from eBay every week that you think your users would like. It could be a handbag, a pair of shoes, a jacket or an evening dress. Make sure this is a standout item – either because of the uniqueness of the item itself or maybe because its price has been heavily reduced. It depends on what works for your audience.

Tip: Keep it seasonal and use items that have either no size or have plenty of sizes available. Your users are much less likely to buy a winter coat in scorching summer, and handbags or sunglasses don’t really need trying on. Shoes are also a good choice as sizes tend to differ much less from brand to brand.

Hot Items / Celebrity eBay Picks

This could be monthly, weekly or more of an ‘as and when’ feature for you. So if Kate Middleton suddenly wears a Highstreet dress that sells out, guess where it appears almost immediately? eBay, of course. The same goes for anything else worn by celebrities or any item that suddenly becomes a trend.  In that case you could show the item that a celebrity has worn that might be quite a pricey designer and find a cheaper ‘lookalike’ on eBay.

Tip: Keep an eye out on the celeb and gossip sites to stay up to date with who is wearing what, and make sure you use your knowledge to your advantage.

Seasonal Outfits

This could be a quarterly feature (for example “eBay’s Summer Wardrobe” or “eBay’s Winter Looks”). This is a great opportunity to show the variety of items that are available on eBay and especially the Fashion Outlet.

Tip: Research what is currently ‘on trend’ and reference this in your content piece to add credibility to your article. For example ‘as seen on this celebrity’ or ‘as seen on the runway this year’ etc.

So, what are your best tips and tricks for creating fun fashion content? We'd love to get your comments and suggestions below!

This guest post was a contribution by Ilona Diefenbach from our partner agency R.O.EYE.