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Wildcard Searches No Longer Supported (Updated)

UPDATE 10/26/12: We have heard your concerns on this issue and have been working across various teams to find some measure of relief for those affected by the deprecation of wildcard searches. That said, we have been able to push back the deprecation date of wildcard searches until November 5th. We hope that this will give affected publishers more time to update their queries and minimize any negative business impact. Additionally, we are working with our product teams on a comprehensive set of FAQs that we hope to have available early next week.

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We’ve been receiving inquiries from some of you about the ability to use wildcard searches going forward in tools like the Finding API or in RSS Feeds. That functionality will no longer be supported after October 29, 2012. This functionality allowed users to include an asterisk with their keyword search that would include all spelling variations for an item. For example, a keyword search of “ip*” might include listings with “ipod, ipods, ipad, ipads, ipadd,” etc. in title in search results. eBay is no longer supporting wildcard searches because recent changes to how search works already takes into account many spelling variations, and it enables us to more efficiently deliver search results faster.

We acknowledge that this will cause significant inconvenience for some of you.

While we can’t change the deprecation of wildcard searches or the timetable that has been established by eBay Inc., we do apologize for our lack of proper communication regarding this change. We are looking into how this happened and are committed to improving how we communicate with our partners.

We thank you for your partnership and apologize for this inconvenience and the lack of notice.